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Johnny Hollywood and Music Video's

Allright , Here goes something.   This is Johnny Baker , guitarist/ co - vocalist from 900 Pound Gorilla.

For the past year and a half,  I've been working as VTR/ Video Assist on Music Video's/ commercials/ and a couple movies.     While you're working on set, your not really allowed to post/ tweet/ or talk in general about what you're doing .     Having said that,  I've been lucky enough to work on video's for Marilyn Manson, Jane's Addiction, Foo Fighters,   Maroon 5/ Christina Aguilera,  Britney Spears, J-Lo, Selena Gomez, Jay Sean/Lil Wayne, and many more.    The point being, hopefully I've learned a little bit about making video's and can help the band make some cool stuff.    Have to be careful though,  the rest of the band teases me for dropping names.

Here's to some cool new 900 POUND GORILLA videos.

Talk to you soon, and keep listening to music!     9PG


All right, let's try this blog thing, more of an ongoing dialogue with you. Let's see what's up? Donny's been at the studio for the last week mixing the album putting in a lot of hours. He's trying to help drive to the finish line. 3 songs are pretty close. We've scheduled a gig March 27th at the Jon Lovitz comedy club! Ethan from Combat Radio has been more than cool helping the band and setting this up. JB, the writer here, has been working with Donny on the mixing and working on a lot of music videos lately (Foo Fighters, Britney Spears, Jay Sean and LIL Wayne) and trying to learn what I can. We expect 2011 to be a great year for us. We plan on getting the album out and playing out a lot more. See you at the gig!!!! Johnny Baker

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