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What's up friends!!! 

Hello friends,   We played a great show at the Agoura HIlls Canyon club with Oingo Boingo Former members.   We have a multicam video of the night we're putting together and will have available soon.     We appreciate those who came out to  The Universal Bar and Grill on Saturday february 16th.   Awesome time,  The Electric ferrets and Seven 40 Seven were great, and we made some new friends in The Cheesebergens.  

  The second album has been mastered and printed.   Can't wait to get this thing out to the world!!     We've also been recording videos for the album,  we've got 4 videos completed so far.

 Here's a little info about our  gig at Ventura favorite club--  Sans Souci:      Gwar played across the street at The Ventura theatre and we got a bunch of Gwar crazies after the show coming over.    Made it even crazier!    It's great to see people going crazy and having fun when you play, that's what it's all about, right?  Much thanks to Shannon and the whole crew at Sans Souci for making us feel at home.


Here's our itunes link :

Our friend ,  John Dissed, has released a new webzine.    Please go check it out at      It's got an interview/review story we did with John when he came out to our rehearsal/ recording space.     Great job John!

  We've  finished editing our video for "Batshit Crazy" ,  a lot of cuts and very off the wall.    Also just shot a video for a new song,  "Allright"  .  Trying to create some content for our album release.

Here's our youtube link for some more video fun.



Here's our cafepress website, for some merch: Come visit my store on CafePress!

The website, "Ventura Rocks"  has also just posted us to their site.

Donat and Jeff were on the    Combat Radio show previously at LA'S TALK RADIO.    You can check it out at-

You can also reach us on myspace at

Have fun on the site and please leave us a message on the Guestbook!  

 The "Roller Derby Girl" video is up! Leave us a comment on our youtube page! 

  Here's some more band info: we've got a song on "Auditory Assault" a compilation by Bare Metal Records that's being sent to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We've got a song on the Mohawk Bomb 3rd compilation album, Thanks Ivan!, and we we're nominated for a Just Plain Folks Award.. Donny just recorded some intro's for our friend John Dissed, from the band Bull Lee and his podcast "the Bull Pit" Here's the website:

 New news, we're getting some airplay in the UK on a music show called "The Overflow" more details are in the news section. A bunch of our friends bands are on this comp including Bull Lee, Soulfound, and Black Diamond Love.

The Gorillamobile is alive! We've got some pictures in the photo section. We're just looking to have some fun with it while promoting the band. Hope to see you on the road. Plus there's a new website created for it: Hit us up! Peace, 900 POUND GORILLA