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4th Place JPF AWARDS

this was voted on by musicians and music lovers and we're happy to have gotten nominated! here's to all that supported the awards and we hope to play there in Nashville next year!

JPF Awards Nomination

Hello Friends, we've been nominated in the JPF Awards, a company doing showcases in Nashville, TN. We're in the Punk Song Category. The award show is on August 29th, so we'll let you know how it goes.

The Daily Grind

What's up friends? So we work our 9 to 5's , and then the band or whomever needs to work on something, comes to our studio and works till 11 or midnight tracking new stuff and so on. I'd say we're happily tired and feel we're recording some great tracks. We're sending a track to be mixed this week and feeling good, hope you're all doing all right too! JB


Two tracks from the upcoming No Lip Vol. 2 compilation have made their debut on the UK-based underground music show The Overflow with Garry Lee. The Overflow is the first radio show in the World to play tracks from the compilation. Playlist 309 features Soul Destroyer’s “Seeing Red” and 900 Pound Gorilla’s “Big Fat Limo”. The three-hour rock music show features new music from indie and established artists. For example, Garry spun new Cortney Love tracks, a new Von Bondies song and even new stuff from Marianne Faithful.


Hello friends, The second compilation from MOHAWK BOMB RECORDS entitled NO LIP VOL. 2 is coming out February 24th. Yes, we've got a song on it and we're glad to be part of this project as it's got some cool bands on it. You can find it on itunes, amazon, and emusic. Check it out! jb

Roller Derby Video Shoot

The Roller Derby Event was a great time. We made a lot of new friends and shot what will be a great video once we go through all the footage. Some awesome wipeouts!--even right into our equipment! anyway, we had a lot of fun and look forward to keeping all the new friends we made. 9PG

We're on the ballot for the 51st Grammies!

Yes, yes, yes. We're made it to the entry ballot for the 51st Grammies in the category of Rock Duo/Group w/Vocal. We're honored to be in the same category as a lot of great bands. We'd like to thank the academy...........

Shows on the horizon

Passed some major hurdles on the studio last night, FINALLY THE 24 TRACK TALKS TO PRO TOOLS! we have a Mohawk Bomb Records show in the works as well as a hold on a Sept. 7th, Troubadour show. We'll let you know as soon as it's booked! talk to you soon, JB

what's up , on vacation

yes, we're on vacation, coming back sunday, wow, love y'all see you soon

new videos at the gorillamobile site

visit to check out 6 new videos from the artist who created the cool gorilla logos all over our promo vehicle-- a cool behind the scenes look at airbrushing and art

show at the Troubadour!

you can reach us at 818 298-3633 or by email to get advance guest tickets to our show Sunday, June 1st at the troubadour hollywood. we go on at 9:30 and the show starts at 7:00 we're going to make this a BIG SHOW!

Mohawk Bomb Records coming out

We're going to have one of our tracks on a compilation from Mohawk Bomb Records. We we're chosen from the sonicbids website. This should be out this summer-they're shooting for June. You can reach them at

Saw the foo fighters last night, wow

Yes, I'm a fan, what can I say, Dave Grohl and Crew are amazing. One of the Best voices in rock, he totally pulls it off live. In the pit the whole time, not as crazy as Metallica or Korn, but still energetic. Lots of fun, YYYYYeeeeeeaaahhhhhhh!


What's up peoples1 we had a killer recording session last night with our local friends after the suoperbowl. this was for "gang style vocals" for the 2nd album. thanks to those who showed up! jb

Videos and comments

We've got some videos's finally posted on the homepage and a new comment section on the contact page. let us know what's up with you! We hope to update the whole website more regularly now. peace, jB

Latest news

Happy New Beer! Here's what we're up to lately. Jeff's arm is feeling better after his weight lifting mishap and will be back up next week to jam. We've contacted our studio engineer finally and should have the recording studio completeed Jan. 13th. The "Gorillamobile" has been worked on for 25 plus days by my good friend Vince Rodriguez , for painting. Pretty soon, we'll be displaying a video and shots of the truck. We look forward to a great 2008, talk to you soon!

After the Los Angeles Music Awards

We got to hang out with some cool people before and after the LAMA's. A couple of artists we hung out with we're Kenny Woods-best Christian and up for some Children's awards and Thaddeus Rex, also up for some Children's music awards. (you can google them on the web ) Our co-mixer Paul Pavao, from the Mix room was there with his girlfriend Tiffany, and a couple friends from our myspace page were there too. We'll keep you informed of our next gig!

what we're up to

Good day mates and matettes, I'm sure that's not a word. Here's the scoop on our latest adven tures. Besides all the stuff on the homepage, what we've basically been doing is practicint! Our studio is one trip from our wiring and overall cool engineer away from being finished . In the meantime , we've been working on the second album songs and trying to get tight so we can either record the basics live, or have most of it "live". Jeff's been working/living closer to us now, so thing have been easier. Talk to you soon! JB

cool quote

Just found this line from a book by Daniel Wood, here goes: The 900-pound gorilla is the thing you can’t see. It’s usually just out of sight, an intimidating presence, like the propriety of a dead grandmother, or the pious dicta of a longer-dead Christian saint.

show with Biilly Vera and the Beaters

Just found out that Billy Vera and the beaters are playing the show at Rusty's Surf Ranch, he's got a lot of cool tunes, looking forward to it.

Itunes link and videos

We now have an itunes link on our "links to others" page. Also, on our music page, we've posted some videos from the gig.

Just finished mastering!

Today, oct. 25th, 5 days to go till our record release party!!! On monday we mastered the record at Capitol records with Mark Chalecki. Tonight we pick it up and we'll have it at the show Monday night. It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but it's all coming together. SEE YOU SOON!!!

our troubled myspace site

Allright, I've sent myspace about 10 emails, and as you all probably know, you don't actually get to reach someone there, it's just computer generated hoo-hah, yes, I said hoo-hah. So, we can't currently change any of the settings in there, hopefully you all just reach us here at our home website. P.s. we'll keep trying to make it happen!

Upcoming show announcement!

Allright, finally a show. We're playing October 30, 2006 at BB kings House of Blues at Universal Citywalk. They're going to make it a "Devils Night" show with a costume contest, Tarot readers, etc. Should be a real fun night. This is our record release party, so we're hoping everyone can make it. We are excited and looking forward to playing for you all.

Welcome to our website!

What's up everybody? We're looking forward to making this website happen. We're at the end of recording a 12 song album and hope to complete it in the next month or so. Write to us! We'll respond and try to keep things current. Look forward to hearing from you. Later.

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