1. Gutterball

From the recording Gutterball

Some how this song turned into a bowling song. It's inspired by Fred Flinstone and John Goodman on Roseanne and the Big Lebowski.



VERSE 1; You're watching my form, I go against the norm--style, skill, and power, the hand has struck the hour
The wind up and the swing, the bells will start to ring, knock you back in your chair, barney rubble best beware

CHORUS: Ain't no strike that comes for free
You've got to work to be like me
I know you want those pins to fall
but Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's another gutterball

VERSE 2; You're slick with fancy shoes,
mamma didn't tell you the news
I go bowling with my spouse,
blue collar rules this house.
You throw but got no aim,
my shirt has got a stain,
you're ball is shiny black
better go take it back


VERSE 3: My belly's out to here ,
play between every beer,
nacho cheese, it is mine
I sink em every time,
Here comes you're final frame
don't put you're team to shame
Now where've you gone to hide
It's rolling to the side!!!