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They categorize themselves as “metal” – now I grew up in the era of metal and though there are qualities that could place them into this narrow genre I’m not sure if it’s the right fit – it’s like how Wal-Mart stores put Evanescence in the Christian Music section – just doesn’t seem right. I could argue hair glam metal but certainly not, say, Slayer metal.. good news though – it doesn’t suck. “Gutterball” and “Shoot the Moon” are very catchy songs – maybe a little too much so for metal tagging. I love the guitar work and the vocals are unique enough that you can’t pigeonhole the group into a “Vince Neil” sound or whatever. “Monday Promises” is one of those kick ass songs you’d want to hear radio play on, but not like overkill ‘cause it’s just too good to be overused – but you want to crave to hear the vocal and guitar lines. It’s fashioned in such a way that it’s hard to remain motionless and you could easily jog to this if you’re not a pop star Nazi or something. “Big Fat Limo” is a fast paced song which speaks to us about the trials and tribulations of living a big rock star life. It is solid musically and I have no complaints. One of my favorite tracks is “Hyperactive” – it’s very fast, ballsy and I can see a lot of punk elements in the music and it’s ubercool so give that one a listen. The album is very tight and I enjoyed most everything about musically and vocally. Lyrically it was all good. Some songs kind of melted together, but other than that I see noting remotely bad. Vocals could be tighter or more congruent with the tone of the music and hell, the “Kiss Coffin” ad is hilarious so a solid 9 out of 10.” - Michael Johnson


August 7, 2008 900 Pound Gorilla CD Review By Kim Thore 900 Pound GorillaHailing from California is the punk primate known as 900 Pound Gorilla. Comprised of Jeff Edwards-drums/ background vocals, Donat Kazarinoff-bass/ lead vocals and John Baker-guitar/ lead vocals this trio packs a powerful punch. Having recently received the award for Punk Rock Group of the Year at the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, 900 Pound Gorilla is able to successfully master the three minute and under song with heavy riffs , fast, hard-edged composition, and stripped-down instrumentation that doesn’t pull any punches. With a garage rock edge and nod to bands such as Green Day, and a new millennium Ramone-ish spin, this trio has put together an impressive debut, with all the hooks needed to keep you bobbing along in anarchy. The best part? While the music is well- executed, and the vocals well done- 900 Pound Gorilla isn’t taking themselves too seriously and so the fun factor hasn’t been lost and buried in hyper driven dips into social mores and heavy lyrics. This is good, old school punk rock with a gleam of metal to throw back a dazzling reflection of chaos. 4.5 Stars Review by Kim Thore” - Kim Thore

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900 Pound Gorilla is the First Mohawk Bomb Records Artist to Make Grammy Nomination Ballot Independent Record Label, Mohawk Bomb Records, has one artist on the 51st Grammy Nomination Ballot, 900 Pound Gorilla. Their song "Gutterball" is an upbeat punk song and was featured on the compilation No Lip Vol. 1. Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) November 2, 2008 -- Los Angeles, CA-based Punk Band 900 Pound Gorilla, is the first Mohawk Bomb Records artist to make it onto the Grammy nomination ballot. The song "Gutterball" was featured on the No Lip Vol. 1 compilation. This is the first Mohawk Bomb Records artist to make an appearance on a Grammy ballot. Mohawk Bomb Records is very proud of John, Donat and Jeff for this accomplishment," stated Ivan Pena, CEO for Mohawk Bomb Records. "They are one of the hardest working bands we have worked with and we wish them continued success." Gutterball" is entry #102 (in between Nickelback and Nine Inch Nails) in Field 4 - Rock, Category 16 - Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals. The Grammy Awards (originally called the Gramophone Awards) -- or Grammys -- are presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States for outstanding achievements in the record industry. The Grammys are considered the highest music honor, the U.S. record industry's equivalent to the Academy Awards (Oscars) for motion pictures. 900 Pound Gorilla is slated to be featured on the upcoming No Lip Vol. 2 compilation due out in January 2009. About Mohawk Bomb Records Mohawk Bomb Records is a new kind of records label, focused on sharing all music with the World using social networking and Web 2.0 technologies. Also, we are an artist-centric promotions and advertising house designed to help new and unsigned artists spread the word about their music. We are driven to succeed on our own terms and bring new texture to the bland pourage that is the pop music sonicscape. We believe in 1) open communication 2) transparent accounting 3) using technology to drive music distribution and 4) reinvesting in our bands. Our motto is "Enjoy. Share” - Ivan Pena

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This award-winning band has the talent to make it big." – J.K. I first met 900 Pound Gorilla at the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards (they won "Punk Rock Group of the Year") in December 2007. They gave me their new self-titled album which ended up living in my car CD player on repeat for the next month. Several of their songs have a lot of commercial potential. The music is really tight, as these guys have been friends since childhood. 900 Pound Gorilla performs frequently in the Los Angeles area. 900poundgorilla.com or myspace.com/900poundgorilla” - Jonathan Kramm

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